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Get the most out of campfire cooking

Campfire cooking

Get the most out of campfire cooking

Each year groups of family and friends regularly gather to cook the best food on a perfect campfire. Whether you are meeting on a Sunday for lunch or you are having a weekend camping trip, understanding top tips on campfire cooking always come in handy. Sitting around a stove and cooking delicious bits of food takes us back centuries in time. Always ensure you have the best campfire logs.

In an open quiet environment, there is nothing more therapeutic than sitting around a fire with the relaxing sounds and visual aesthetics. However, many people are intimidated by using traditional cooking methods to create the perfect food. Fear no more because with West Yorkshire Logs top tips you will be cooking up perfect food in no time.

Top Tips for cooking the perfect meal

Tip 1 – Have fun with your cooking
Cooking should always be a fun and enjoyable time of your life. Knowing that you are about to cook yourself some delicious food can be a very enjoyable task. Whether you are out in the garden or deep in the countryside, remember to try different techniques when campfire cooking.

Tip 2 – Choose a suitable environment
Although fun should be a huge factor when cooking, safety always needs to come first. Cooking in the park with friends when other people are around is never a good idea. If there are young children running around near your campfire.

Tip 3 – Knowing what food to cook
Safety is an important aspect of every campfire. Ensure the foods you are cooking are not dripping with fat. This can cause the flames on the fire to flare up, which could ultimately lead to people being in danger. If you need to cook these types of foods, ensure that you use a dutch oven as this will prevent any splatters.

Tip 4 – Let the youngsters help
If you are taking your children on your camping trip, allowing them to get involved is not always the worst idea. Although they may not be experienced at cooking a campfire they will be able to learn by watching what the adults are doing. Assigning children small jobs such as wrapping food in tin foil or helping look for more wood can allow children to be more confident around any campfire.

For more tips on anything fire related but sure to keep checking back to our blog for any updates.