Hardwood Logs

Seasoned Hardwood Logs

The team at West Yorkshire Logs are all trained and qualified tree surgeons with years of tree care experience, who really know how to preserve the best natural seasoned hardwood logs.

Here at West Yorkshire Logs we really know how to get a fire started.

There is nothing more therapeutic that lighting a log fire in the winter, casting warm and enticing light and heat into a room where all of the family and friends can gather.

West Yorkshire seasoned hardwood logs are a fantastic and trusting product, hardwood logs are natural, warming, and traditional, generating tremendous amounts of heat.

Heat that is generated from our seasoned hardwood logs will certainly warm up your house all year round. Manufactured logs can often seem like the quickest and best option to buy to bundle into the fire to warm up your home. However according to research the heat that is generated from a manufactured log does not compare with that of a naturally dried and seasoned hardwood log.