Softwood Logs

Seasoned Softwood Logs

Seasoned Softwood logs are still the UK’s most popular log usually because the price that they can be bought for in the market. They are very effective firewood because they ignite much faster than hardwood logs. Softwood trees grow at a much faster pace than hardwood tree and the softwood logs that are produced are much lighter and a lower density allowing them to be much easier to light. Lighter wood leads to a quicker and hotter burn, which is why many people still choose softwood logs. Softwood logs are perfect for kindling and if you are planning a campfire with family or friends, these can be a perfect log.

Softwood has a lower BTU vitality potential and poorer coaling qualities than hardwood. In view of this, they are not reasonable for overnight smouldering in woodstoves as the flame will definitely run out. They can be blended with hardwood to enhance the execution of moderate blazing flames. Generally speaking, notwithstanding, you ought to direct well clear of softwood when home-warming. You will squander a lot of time and vitality consistently restocking the flame and ensuring that it doesn’t wear out.

However, campfires and bonfires are a perfect occasion to order plenty of softwood logs. The only disadvantage of softwood logs over hardwood logs is the amount of smoke they emit and burn more quickly.

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