About Us

West Yorkshire Logs is a family run business that started supplying logs in Leeds, before branching out our well-seasoned logs to the whole of West Yorkshire. We care about how you feel about our product. We understand the frustration of buying wet, unseasoned firewood, that is why we offer premium firewood.

The demand for our seasoned hardwood and softwood logs has led to the expansion of the company. The way we work is simple. We provide quality hardwood logs and softwood logs to West Yorkshire clients.

We are known around the region for the quality of our logs. Every log is thoroughly seasoned, dried and stored in the best environment ensuring the log is ready to burn upon purchase. All our logs are split immediately and placed in our drying barns, we leave them for a minimum of 1 year which gives the firewood the best chance of meeting minimum moisture content.

The main objective of seasoning logs is to reduce the moisture content, and if you burn wet, unseasoned logs there is a higher chance of chimney flues being blocked which can be very dangerous. Our product has been widely tested with many clients and we believe we have the best hardwood and softwood logs on the market.

West Yorkshire Logs pride ourselves on the quality of our logs and the information we provide. We are constantly posting articles and blogs with relevant information, keeping you up to date with anything firewood related.

If you are looking for highly qualified tree surgeons in Leeds to complete any of your tree services requirement. Please contact our partners West Yorkshire Tree Services today to see how they can help you.